Wireless Switch with 1000 foot range

Radio Frequency


RF Input/Output Impedance


Transmitter/Reciever Code Matching


Wire Connection


Operating Temperature

-10 TO 130ºF (-23 TO 54ºC)


Wireless Bridge Between Dry-contact Switch & Relay Controller

Sold As Transmitter/Receiver Factory Match Set: No Field Programming

Up To 1000 Feet Typical Transmit/Receive Distance (Line-of-Sight)

License Free Point-to-point Radio Operation

Microprocessor Sleep Function Provides Long battery Life

Any Dry-Contact Flow or Level Switch Will Activate and Send Signals

Connect Two Level Switches For Pump Up or Pump Down Operation

Relay Board Features User Selectable Latching or Non-Latching Option

Switch Transmitter Board Can Be Hard wired or Battery Powered

Relay Board Can Be 15-24 Vdc or 120/240 Vac Powered

Point-to-point Operation Via Standard 2.4 GHz License Free ISM Band

Provides Two Independent Switch/Relay Control Circuits.

15 Amp, 120/240 Vac Relay Capacity For Switching Pump, Motor or Valve

RF Strength Meter Aids In Finding Optimum Installation Location

Low Battery LED Indicates Switch Transmitter Battery Needs Replacing

Switch Unit

  • 2 Switch inputs (dry contact)
  • Latching Function
  • Pump Up / Pump Down
  • Battery (3 C Cells) or
  • 9-24 VDC (Transformer)
  • Solar Option Available
  • Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Power Supplies not included

Relay Unit

  • Controls Pump or any device
  • 2 Relays 15 amp & 10 Amp
  • Latching Relay Function
  • 120 VAC or 240 VAC
  • 12-24 VDC (Transformer)
  • Uses the power from whatever it is controlling.

Where and How to Use Wireless System

  • Irrigation
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Level Control
  • Home and Garden
  • Construction
  • Commercial Wiring

Regulatory Approvals and Electrical Specifications

  • Input Signal: Dry-contact Switch (2 Ea.)
  • RF Power Output: 63mW
  • RF Data Rate: 250 Kbps


  • Hard Wired DC Supply: 15-24Vdc @ 250mA
  • Battery Powered: 3V, Alkaline C-cells (2 Ea)
  • Hard Wired DC Supply: 15-24Vdc @ 500mA
  • Hard Wired AC Supply: 120/240VAC 50/60Hz @ 12 Watts


  • Receive Sensitivity: -100 dBm


  • Relay 1: SPDT, 15A 120/240VAC
  • Relay 2: SPDT, 10A 120/240VAC
  • Latching/Non-latching: User Selectable