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Harwil switches are used in irrigation to insure against pumps running dry, control chemical feeders, and indicate when a water line has broken. Often fertilizers are injected into the flowing water, but it must only be done when the water is flowing. The Harwil Flow Switch "proves" water flow, allowing the chemical feed system to run. Harwil flow switches can indicate that water is flowing when it should not be flowing, warning that a line is broken or when water isn't flowing when it should be. The Harwil Wireless System can be used when running a wire from the switch to the control is difficile. Harwil's Flow Switches Q-8, Q-16 and Q-5 and are all designed for these applications. The Q-8 is completed waterproof and can even be buried if needed. Harwil has a complete line of Chemical Feed Controllers to for fertilizing applications (CF-112, CF-12, CF-8) and pump protection systems to unsure a pump does not run dry (SDC-101).

Harwil Level switches can be used in storage tanks to maintain liquid level or show when the level is too high or too low. We have all sizes and shapes of Level Switches made from stainless steel to brass to engineered resins for using in just about any fluid. The small but mighty L-40 that can be both horizontal and vertical and Normally Open or Normally Closed (NO or NC). The magnetically coupled L-21N has no seals that could leak and is available with a wide hysteresis range for just about any application. This unique submersible single level switch replaces two regular level switches and is rated at 15 amps. We even have level switches that can detect if water has gotten into your fuel storage tanks by their specific gravity.

Harwil's Wireless System has Pump-Up and Pump-Down control build-in, just hook up the level switches. This Wireless System can keep your elevated water storage tank filled that is way up there on the hill, from the pump in the pond that is way down here, and you don't have run a signal wire between them. No trenches, not overhead wires, no animals eating the wires or humans damaging the wires.

Applications: Chemical Feed, Run Dry Protection, Flow Detection, Tank Level Control, Pump Control,

Models Used Flow Switches: Q-12, Q-5, Q-8, Q-16 - Wireless Option Models Used Level Switches: L-40, L-21, L-30, L-8 - Wireless Option Primary Customers: Knutson, Kifco