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Pump-Up / Pump-Down Wireless

Key Features

Radio Frequency: 2.4ghz

RF Input/Output Impedance: 50 ohm nominAl

Transmitter/receiver code matching: Factory Set

Wire connection: terminal blocks

Operating temperature: -10 to 130ºF (-23 to 54 ºc)

  • Wireless Bridge Between dry-contact switch & relay controller
  • Sold as transmitter/receiver Factory match set: no Field programming
  • Up to 1000 feet line-of-site transmit/receive distance
  • License Free point-to-point radio operation
  • Microprocessor sleep Function provides Long battery Life
  • Any dry-contact Flow or Level switch will activate and send signals
  • Connect two Level switches For pump up or pump down operation
  • Relay Board Features user selectable Latching or non-Latching option
  • Switch transmitter Board can Be hard wired or Battery powered
  • Relay Board can Be 15-24 vdc or 120/240 vac powered
  • Point-to-point operation via standard 2.4 ghz License Free ism Band
  • Provides two independent switch/relay control circuits.
  • 15 amp, 120/240 vac relay capacity For switching pump, motor or valve
  • RF strength meter aids in Finding optimum installation Location
  • Low Battery Led indicates switch transmitter Battery needs replacing

Regulatory Approvals

Regulatory: FCC Part 15 (No license required) FCC(USA): OUR-XBEEPRO IC (Canada): 4214A-XBEEPRO

The enclosed device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. operation is subject to the following two conditions: (i.) this device may not cause harmful interference and (ii.) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Electrical Specifications

Switch transmitter specifications

  • Input signal: dry-contact switch (2 ea.)
  • RF power output: 63mw
  • RF data rate: 250 Kbps

Operating Power

  • Hard wired dc supply: 15-24vdc @ 250ma
  • Battery powered: 3v, alkaline c-cells (2 ea,)

Relay receiver specifications

  • Receive sensitivity: -100 dBm

Operating power

  • Hard wired DC supply: 15-24vdc @ 500ma
  • Hard wired AC supply: 120/240vac 50/60hz @ 12 watts

Control relays

  • Relay 1: spdt, 15a 120/240vac
  • Relay 2: spdt, 10a 120/240vac
  • Latching/non-latching: user selectable